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Never Underestimate the Beauty of Metal for Your New Canaan, CT, Home

We all care about how our homes look, and our choice of roofing material greatly influences the curb appeal of a home. With that in mind, Classic Metal Roofs is proud to offer beautiful metal roofing products that have been designed to take even the plainest New Canaan home and make it the jewel of the neighborhood. The transformation that can be achieved by installing a new metal roof is impressive. Get ready for compliments from neighbors and passers-by, and look forward to smiling each time you pull in the driveway!

What Makes Our Metal Roofing Different

Metal roofs haven’t always been sophisticated. Older metal roof installations often included hundreds of exposed fasteners that looked unsightly and resulted in risk to anyone that needed to get on the roof. Modern metal roofs by Classic Metal Roofs are designed with watertight interlocking panels and concealed fasteners that create a high-performing roofing system with a sleek, clean finish.

In addition to concealed fasteners, our thick aluminum products interlock for optimal wind resistance that’s ideal in high-wind areas. Our products also meet Underwriters Laboratory’s UL 2218 Impact Resistance Testing at Class IV, which is the highest impact rating available. Hailstorms are no match for a metal roofing system from Classic Mettal Roofs.

Another unique feature of the metal shingle, shake and panel products we offer are the hI-R paint coatings that cover each piece. The special pigments embedded in the paint finish reflect high levels of infrared light, the portion of sunlight most responsible for increasing indoor temperatures. This advanced paint technology also decreases color fade and maintains consistency through the color.

Metal roofing is more than a pretty face, however. With other benefits ranging from sustainability to low maintenance, we believe metal is the foremost roofing material in the industry.

Learn More About the Benefits of Metal Roofs

Make your New Canaan, CT, home stand out with a beautiful metal roof from Classic Metal Roofs. Call us at (866) 660-6668 or complete our Free Consultation form to schedule a free estimate with one of our representatives.

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