Tools and Equipment


The proper installation of metal roofing requires specific tools. For installers, the initial investment in these tools will help guarantee quality installations.


Metal roofing installation requires standard roofing tools and equipment such as ladders, hammer, power saw, scaffolding, caulking gun, drill, utility knife, compass, extension cords, tape measure, chalk line, roof jacks, safety harness, gloves, safety glasses, ropes, reliable vehicle, and first aid kit. Special tools required for many metal roof installations include but are not limited to: portable break, tin snips, pop-rivet gun, 9/64” drill bits, hand flangers, pliers, soap pencils, Hitachi NV50AP Plastic-Tacker Pro-Nailer, roofing coil nailer, air compressor, compressor hose, adjustable cutting table, ladder jacks, walk planks, siding zip tools, screw guns, ridge hooks, masonary saw blades, float boards, power hand shears, rubber or cushioned shoes or overshoes, tarps, ladder product elevators, tool belt, nail set, and hearing protection. Other special tools and equipment that might be needed, but are often easier to rent include bucket truck, roofing guard rail, fall net, material removal dumpsters, magnetic sweeper, barricade fence, electric generator, portable lighting, metal cutting guillotine, utility trailer, two-way radios, and gas- powered chop saw. Not all of these tools are needed for each installation, but if installers are serious about installing metal roofs correctly, access to and proper use of these tools will save time and help guarantee safety as the installation is completed.


Metal roofing installation is a specialty field.  Having the proper tools on the job will prove to your customer that you know your trade and are professional with your work. Also, these tools will pay for themselves over time by making installations easier, faster, and better.  They can be found at most roofing wholesale and equipment supply companies.  Some manufacturers can also supply these tools or direct you to where they can be found.