IB Roof System for Flat and Low Slope Roof

a metal roofing contractor installing durable flat low slop roofing in MA, CT, NH, or RI

IB Roof Systems

For flat or for low slope roofs where metal roofing cannot be used, Classic Metal Roofs, LLC offers a superior substitute and replacement – EPDM rubber roofing technology. IB Roof Systems are single-ply PVC membrane systems that are waterproof, non-flammable, weldable, and pliable at different temperatures, and comply with all building codes. IB Roof Systems will keep your home or building dryer longer, save you money from costly damage and repairs, and give you the longest lasting roofing system available today.

Transferable Lifetime Warranty

Our PVC membrane roofs come with a limited transferable non-prorated lifetime material warranty. Classic Metal Roofs also offers a comprehensive installation workmanship warranty on these membrane roofs.

These roofs have the best residential warranty in the industry for membrane roof systems. These roofs are available in many color options including solar reflective white.

Energy Star Rated

IB roofing in white is also an Energy Star product. This means it will keep your roof and the inside of your home cooler, keeping energy costs lower, as the roof will not absorb heat and transfer it into your home like a black EPDM rubber roof.

Durability, Performance and Repairability

IB roofing is a PVC membrane that is highly durable but can be repaired easily if damage should occur. New England is notorious for large swings in the weather. So, when three feet of snow builds up on any flat roof, and the threat of rain is on its way, you will need to break out the shovels to clear the roof. The obvious reason why is to prevent the possibility of structural damage due to an inordinate amount of weight. Shovels and flat membrane roofs don’t go well together. Flat roof surfaces can be easily damaged in cold weather when applying a sharp edge of a shovel to clear snow. This is especially true of EPDM roofs that are not pliable in colder temperatures. If a puncture should occur from a shovel or falling debris, such as a tree limb, the IB PVC membrane is easily repaired due to its weldable nature.

Because IB roofs are pliable at different temperatures they can even be installed in the dead of winter, which is a nice feature if your EPDM roof should spring a leak in the colder months.

Classic Metal Roofs is a factory certified installer of IB roof systems.  Call us at (866) 660-6668 now to discuss your roof replacement needs, or use our Free Consultation form to get a free estimate. We proudly serve New England in MA, RI, CT and southern NH. For “the best roofs under the sun” contact us when you’re ready to replace your roof.

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