4 Common Myths About Metal Roofs Debunked

Common Myths About Metal Roofs Debunked for homeowners in New Hampshire

A modern day advancement in roofing materials is the use of aluminum metal. By hiring the right metal roofers, you can have a durable and high-quality system that lasts close to a century. It has become a premium roofing product and is widely used for residential structures.

However, there some prevailing myths that cause people to second-guess having a metal roof installed over their home. Read on to learn about the myths of metal roofing and why they aren’t always true.

  1. Metal roofs conduct heat throughout the summer While metal is a good conductor of heat, that doesn’t necessarily apply to metal roofs nowadays. Modern advancements allow aluminum metal roofs to combat heat and enhance a home’s energy efficiency. From protective coatings to panels that reflect the heat back, you can beat the heat more effectively with metal roofing than almost any other material.
  2. Metal roofs attract lightning A real lightning strike aims for the tallest structure in the area. It is also unpredictable, as far as targets are concerned. Even lightning rods do not attract lightning all the time; they merely act as a conduction point and channel the electricity safely without damaging the structure. However, if your metal roof is hit by lightning, it can protect you because it won’t combust upon being hit and will safely conduct the electricity away and spread it across the roof, which is fireproof.
  3. Metal roofs are limited in terms of aesthetic design Today, aluminum metal roofs are available in a variety of styles and customizable panels to fit virtually any home style, from contemporary to Victorian. You can choose from a huge selection of colors and designs or the natural organic look of zinc or copper. We can even modify the width of our standing seam metal roofs to fit the scale of your house. And thanks to its inherent nature, this process is relatively easy to accomplish.
  4. Metal roofs are easy to dent All types of roofs are susceptible to denting by hail or debris. That said, a hailstorm isn’t an immediate reason to call for repairs. Metal can be dented and punctured, but it’s rare. At the same time, modern roofs have impact ratings that show how durable they are. That’s why you should get metal panels with impact ratings of 4, which means they are the least likely to dent or puncture.

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