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4 Common Myths About Metal Roofs Debunked

Common Myths About Metal Roofs Debunked for homeowners in New Hampshire

A modern day advancement in roofing materials is the use of aluminum metal. By hiring the right metal roofers, you can have a durable and high-quality system that lasts close to a century. It has become a premium roofing product and is widely used for residential structures. However, there some prevailing myths that cause people… ( read more )

Common Metal Roof Problems and Their Solutions

standing seam metal roof in dove gray on a house in MA, CT, NH or RI

While metal roofs are durable, sturdy, and low-maintenance, they are not impenetrable or indestructible. Over time, especially if you don’t keep up with roofing maintenance, your metal roof can become damaged or corroded. You should inspect your metal roof seasonally by walking around the perimeter of your home and looking for problems. At Classic Metal… ( read more )