4 Common Metal Roof Problems

4 Common Metal Roof Problems for homeowners in New England

One of the best base metal materials for standing seam metal roofs today is aluminum. It’s a greener alternative than other base metals. It is durable and resistant to rust and even has energy-efficient properties that can benefit any home.

If you do plan on installing a standing seam metal roof, you should understand the common causes behind damage they can sustain. Your trusted roof repair experts from Classic Metal Roofs discuss typical metal roof issues.


When you have a galvalume or galvanized steel metal roof, you run the risk of rust and corrosion. This happens because of water and water-borne pollutants. Metal roofs are often covered with water-resistant paint, so make sure you inspect the coating. Any damage to the coating increases the risk of rust. When the metal roofing material is cut during installation, it leaves an open edge of the metal exposed, which wicks in moisture. This will begin the rusting process immediately.

Failing Fastener

Fasteners and clips that hold your standing seam metal roof down are critical. Most roofers that install steel roofs, which include galvalume and galvanized steel roofing, use galvanized clips and screws to install their roofs. They can hold your steel roof on but are subject to deterioration and corrosion due to moisture. This is what holds the roof on. That is why Classic Metal Roofs, LLC uses #304 stainless steel clips and fasteners, rust and corrosion free, guaranteed.

If your roof is not properly installed with the right material, it could suffer from corrosion and the wind could blow it off. Hire a professional contractor to get a properly installed metal roof and make sure it’s fastened with stainless steel fasteners.

Scratches and Punctures

Debris from trees and snow can scuff your standing seam metal roof. Issues with this can affect your roof’s durability. Scratches can chip away at the protective coating. Punctures can lead to leaks and tears that damage the material. Make sure to inspect your roof frequently so that you know when to cover it up or replace it.

Fading Paint

Lastly, the protective coating of your metal roof is what makes it last. However, sunlight and rain can wear it down and cause it to fade. When it begins to fade, your roof weakens. Not all metal roofing hasKynar coatings. In addition, the percentage of Kynar varies from product to product. Be sure that the roof you choose has a 70% kynar coating system, the most you can get! If your roof coating fails due to an inferior paint, be sure to hire a professional to re-coat the roof with a high-quality coating.

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