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Summer Is on the Way…We Hope!

A cedar house with a metal standing seam cool roof in MA, CT, NH, or RI

It’s been a rough winter and spring, we can only hope we finally have some nice summer weather in the forecast. Historically, nobody thought much about their roof when it came to energy efficiency. In fact, it was traditionally the least energy-efficient part of the home exterior. However, the advent of “cool” metal products have… ( read more )

Maintenance Tips to Maximize Your Metal Roof’s Life

maximize your metal roofs life

The beauty of having a metal roofing system is minimal maintenance. Compared to asphalt shingle roofs, those made from aluminum, zinc or copper can live up to seven times longer without needing as much attention. That said, an average metal roof will still need some special maintenance every now and then to retain its charm… ( read more )

It’s all in the Finish: Metal Roofing

A runner crossing the finish line.

I remember growing up and my dad always talking about the “finish”, whether it was with chores at home, or while playing sports, he kept reminding my siblings and me that the “finish” was the most important part. The gravity of that didn’t really hit me until I was a bit older; that in most… ( read more )