Metal Accents for Your Roof

metal accents on copulas porches porticos bay windows and additions in MA CT RI or NH

Metal Accents on Cupolas, Porches, Porticos, Bay Windows and Additions

Have you ever considered giving the exterior of your home a little flair? Have you ever considered adding an architectural accent to your roof? Home improvement is one thing, but home accentuation is another. In this case, a metal accent roof does both. One of the biggest adds when installing a metal roof, even if it is a small area, is enhanced curb appeal. A metal accents roof can transform the exterior look of our home while protecting the interior.


The most common accent metal roof for new construction of late has been specified for the porch roof. Whether it is a modern farmhouse, or a contemporary three-season porch, the use of metal accents goes a long way in adding charm or boldness to any residential structure. These roofs can be done in aluminum, in over thirty color choices, or the natural look of copper or zinc.


Perhaps you want to make a statement at the entry of the home? A metal-clad portico roof can do that quite well, especially a copper one, although it does not have to be copper. Aluminum roofs can mimic copper and zinc natural base metal colors as well.

Bay Window or Cupola

Maybe the only place you have room for a metal accent roof is a bay window or cupola. It’s like adding a jewel to a nice New England historic home. A wide array of colors allows for matching, or complementing existing siding and asphalt roof color schemes.


Planning an addition to your home? Why not consider an aluminum metal roof for the project? It’s a great way to show off the architectural feature of the home and it will protect that element of the home for a lifetime.

If you are thinking of adding an architectural feature in metal to your home give the experts at Classic Metal Roofs a call. Our consultants specialize in metal roofs of all sizes and base metals. Our process for estimates for these types of accent roofs is easy. Email us a plan or photo and some dimensions if you have them and we will gladly turn around a quote for you in no time. For “the best roof under the sun” in MA, RI, CT, and NH, contact us today.

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