Ask Your Metal Roofing Contractor These Questions Before Hiring Them

Working with an experienced metal roofing contractor for your upcoming metal roofing installation is very important. It’s not a stretch to say that the success of your project ultimately depends on how well your contractor performs the job, so it’s vital that you pick the right one.

Equally important are the questions you need to ask them. In this post, Classic Metal Roofs shares what to ask your prospective roofer before you hire them.

Are You Licensed and Insured?

Your prospective metal roofing contractor must have an up-to-date license and all the necessary insurances. Workers comp and liability insurance, in particular, are very important, as it’s what protects you from things that are out of your or the contractor’s control.

Licensed metal roofing contractors also have records you can look up, such as on the Better Business Bureau website. This further allows you to gauge the quality of workmanship they have and see if they’re a right fit for your next project.

May I See Homeowner References?

You should also ask your prospective metal roofing contractor for several references you can check. Alternatively, you may ask for a portfolio of their previous work and the roofs that they have installed that you can drive by and see before you decide on the company for your project. This further allows you to gauge if the contractor in question is right for your roofing project.

What Metal Roofs Do You Offer?

The term metal roofing is actually a catch-all term that encompasses a lot of materials, so it’s also a good idea to ask what kind of metal roofs they offer. The quintessential residential roof is architectural quality manufactured out of aluminum, cool aluminum. Styles should include standing seam and metal shingle styles. Ask your prospective roofer if they install the roofs themselves or use sub-contractors.

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