Walkability of Metal Roofs

two types of metal roofs intersect for a home in MA, CT, RI, or NH

When you need to inspect your roof and its coatings, sometimes the best way is to walk on the roof. However, the walkability of metal roofs can be a dangerous and scary thought. After all, damage to the roof can put you and your home at risk. That’s why our metal roofing company assures you that it’s safer with our products. Here’s why.

Walking: Do or Don’t?

Realistically, you might need to step on top of your roof at times. Checking for damage of any kind may need a closer look than just from the ground. The issue here is that many traditional materials are unsafe. Walking on an asphalt or wood roof can lead to cracked wood or broken asphalt shingles.

That’s why many homeowners are nervous about stepping on their aluminum roofing. They worry about putting themselves, and their home, at risk of damage. This type of apprehension can make you hesitant to step out and check on your roof. They keep your home safe and dry, so you need to know if any damage has occurred.

Walking on Metal

Simply put, metal roofs can be the safest, most walkable roof of choice. The material itself can withstand pressure from a human’s weight, and they don’t lose that with age. In other words, even a 50-year-old metal roof can still be traversed without issue.

When you need to walk and check your metal roofing installation, though, you need to remember that there’s a way to do it properly and safely.

First and foremost, put on a safety harness and attach to a tie off on the roof. Classic Metal Roofs installs permanent tie offs on just about all our roofs for this reason.

Second, put on rubber sole shoes to minimize impact. Some manufacturers also offer padded shoes, specifically for metal roofing. Roofing coatings, depending on which you use, can also make walking easier.

When checking the roof, be sure to step on the panels closest to the deck. This way, you get more structural integrity to hold you up. If walking on a shingle product be sure to check with us for the proper procedure.

If you’re still nervous about the inspection, we completely understand. We can do it for you. Classic Metal Roofs is one of the  most proven installers of metal roofing for residences in New England. We serve residents in MA, RI, NH and CT. We now cover coastal ME and Westchester County NY. Contact us for “the best roof under the sun” if you are considering a high-quality aluminum metal roof for your home. Call us or request a quote with our Free Consultation form.

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